One thousand years ago two sisters and their companions saved the world and brought back faith in the One True God, Chao. Over 400 years ago their burial tomb was lost to the sands of time. But the freedom and hope that they fought for remains. Rashendii is still the only country that allows all races to be citizens though all countries are at a relative peace. Rumors about men who can change into beasts have began to spread though most people discount them as people trying to stir up some excitement in these peaceful and boring times.

Near the town of Alaspar a ruined temple has been discovered. Monks and clerics from the Temple of Holy Restoration went to see if it could possible be the lost burial place of the Sisters. Seven went in, but only one made it out. Something evil now resides in a once holy place.

April 11, 2011: We are still gaming and I am always interested in making new D&D friends, especially those on base so e-mail or message me if you want to get together. Though I am not currently running this campaign there are others in the works. We are always looking for good steady gamers who can and will show up to play!

February 24, 2010: We are now at full capacity on players, so I apologize to anyone else who wanted to play with us. Also I would like to apologize to those who have played the last couple of games with us as we have been trying to figure out a DMing system that works for us. We believe that we have our heads on straight now and so this Saturday should be much better than the last couple of games and we hope that everyone enjoys their time with us. See you guys Saturday at Three!

February 7, 2010: We gained another player this week and took on some goblins! We’re still looking for players (hopefully at least two more!) so drop me a line!

January 31, 2010: We started playing last night and it was a ton of fun! Check out the Adventure Log to see what’s happened so far! We are still accepting players! We’re playing Saturdays at 4pm – whenever! Come and join the fun!!! You can leave me a message here or e-mail me at!

January 23, 2010: This is a short campaign I have created just to get a feel for how the group will play together. The main campaign is For The Love Of Man and is still in production. I am looking for one or two more players. We will begin playing soon.

A History Lesson

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