Shops of Alaspar

Kickapoo Grand Casino

“Welcome to the Kickapoo Grand Casino! We play for keeps!” This casino is decorated in flashing lights and bright colors. Some of the games available include HiLo, 3×3, Tiger’s Eyes, Wheel of Treasures and a man sitting in front of a small tub of water with 26 brightly colored ducks. A sign beside him reads “Erik Mykles’ Wrath”; in smaller print it says “All ducks are final. No exchanging ducks or picking ducks for someone else. What you get is what YOU get. Good Luck.” The man is very lage and looks as though he may be a half-giant. The pink, purple and orange ducks don’t look right sitting in front of him.

Trowel & Hammer

Owner: Cobb Righter (Human Male, 37)

The Trowel & Hammer specializes in farm implements and household items. Cobb does good work for a decent price.

Sickles – 5 S

Axe – 8 S

Pitchfork (trident) – 15 S

Scythe – 18 S

Hammer – 1 S


Owner: Radney Lofgren (Male Dwarf, 250)

Radney is old and mean but does the best work in town on farm equipment and cast iron. He grudgingly does a bit of locksmithing but he is pricey. Everything is neat and organized but covered in a suitable amount of soot and ash from the forge.

Sickles – 9 S

Light Mace – 8 S

Axe – 11 S

Pitchfork (trident) – 18 S

Sythe – 21 S

Chain – 28 S

Hammer – 3 S

Burgo Basin

Owner: Burgo Basin (Male Dwarf, 334)

Burgo does all his business in his backyard and relies on word of mouth for all his customers. He is semi-retired and works mainly on repairing household items such as iron cookware and sharpening kitchen knives.

Skaff’s Tools

Owner: Elias Skaff (Male Human, 48) Elias specializes in small farm tools and kitchen utensils. He is also an excellent locksmith and will do it for almost nothing. He has a small display case that has several items not usually found in a locksmith’s shop:

A black dagger, a small silver ring, a wedding ring set, a carved wooden rod, an ornate leather bag, a small pouch upon which sits six small black pearls, a beautiful cloak fashionable for male or female, a worn deck of cards, two golden lion figurines, and a small woman’s hair comb, pretty, but simple.

Sickles – 5 S

Axe – 8 S

Pitchfork (trident) – 15 S

Scythe – 18 S

Chain – 25 S

Whip – 1 S

Hammer – 1 S

The Notched Sword

Owner: Matthew Livingston (Male Human, 27)

The Notched Sword has many types of blades and arrows for the casual hunter and merchant guard. Matthew supplies all the armaments for the city guard as well and has a sign posted saying just that. The forge and shop area are in a state of organized chaos. The shop owner himself is a short round little man with a broad smile.

Daggers – 2 S

Punching Daggers – 3 S

Spear – 2 S

Short Spear – 1 S

Long Spear – 5 S

Heavy Crossbow – 50 S

Bolts – 1 S

Sap – 1 S

The following available in Masterwork, add 300 S except arrows, add 10

Short Sword – 10 S

Long Sword – 15 S

Bastard Sword – 35 S

Long Bow – 75 S

Arrows – 2 S

Short Bow – 30 S

Immortal Warrior

Owner: Silas York (Male Human, 34)

Silas caters to those adventurers who want (and can afford) the higher quality weapons. Though he makes most of them, he buys some magical weapons off of traveling merchants and adventurers. He has everything cleanly organized. In fact, this is probably the cleanest smith in all of Abdera. There is a stone floor laid under the open-air shop that is swept at regular intervals. There are several aprons hanging near the forge, but the only one that is not spotless is the one that Silas himself is wearing. Every blade is polished to the highest shine and would probably blind your enemy as well as strike a nasty blow.

All weapons are masterwork unless otherwise stated.

Daggers –202 S

Punching Daggers – 203 S

Spear – 102 S

Short Spear – 101 S

Long Spear – 105 S

Heavy Crossbow – 350 S

Hand Crossbow – 400 S

Bolts – 10 S

Short Sword – 310 S

Long Sword – 315 S

Bastard Sword – 335 S

Long Bow – 375 S

Short Bow – 330 S

Arrows – 20 S

Throwing Axe – 250 S

Trident with Fish decorations – 9,500 S

Black Iron Longsword – 12,900 S

The Dented Shield

Owner: Maynard Briggs (Male Human, 58)

The Dented Shield is the smaller of the two armories in town and so offers less than Hog In Armor. The forge blows heat through the air mixing with the cool air of early spring.

Padded Armor – 5 S

Chainmail – 150 S

Breastplate – 200 S

Half- Plate – 600 S

Buckler – 15 S

Light Shield – 9 S

Reinforced Wood Shield – 7 S

Heavy Shield – 20 S

Hog in Armor

Owner: Odis Gorun (Male Dwarf, 255) Quinton Laidon (Male Elf, 500)

Hog in Armor is a popular armory for wealthy adventurers. Odis works with a wizard friend of his to make superior armor. Quinton runs the shop and does a bit of enchanting while Odis makes the armor. The shop is completely enclosed with the forge out back. The shop area is clean and organized with everything locked in a glass case. Quinton has his long blond hair hanging in a braid down his back. He wears small spectacles around his neck on a gold chain. He is cleaning the glass cases with a white rag.

Add 300 S for masterwork unless otherwise noted.

Padded – 7 S

Chain Shirt – 100 S

Scale Mail – 50 S

Chain Mail – 155 S

Breastplate – 200 S

Splint Mail – 200 S

Banded Mail – 250 S

Full Plate – 1,500 S

Masterwork – 3,000

Light Shield – 10 S

Heavy Shield – 25 S

Tower Shield – 40 S

Armor Spikes – +50 S

Shield Spikes – +10 S

Blued steel helm – 57,000 S

Rusted Gauntlet – 12,000 S

Decorated bracers – 5,000 S

Bovine Breastplates

Owner: Orval Walters (half elf male, 48)

Orval has leathered skin from too much time in the sun. His prices change depending on his mood. He has a daughter, Melissa; and a son Eli. They are ten year old twins who are following their father’s footsteps and making their own armor.

Padded Armor – 5-10 S

Leafweave Padded – 700-750 S

Leather – 7-15 S

Leafweave Leather – 750-800 S

w/darkwood studs – 760-820 S

Sharkskin – 80-90 S

Studded – 20 – 40 S

Hide – 10-25 S

Elad’s Leatherworking

Owner: Elad Soth (Human Male, 47)

Elad is tall muscular and bent over from the years of leatherworking. He smells of tanning chemicals.

Padded Armor – 5 S

Leather – 10 S

Studded – 25 S

Hide – 15 S

From A Distance

Xanaphia Mastillbin (Female Elf, 125)

From A Distance offers the most beautiful hand crafted wooden bows in Alaspar. Xanaphia herself is almost as beautiful. She has dark mossy hair and brown eyes. Her sister is the adventuring type and has posted an add on the bulletin.

Hand bow – 15 S

Long bow – 75 S

Composite – 100 S

Masterwork – 300 S

Short bow – 30 S

Composite – 75 S

Masterwork – 150 S

Yuan-ti Serpent Bow – 150 S

Bone bow – 250 S

Great bow – 150 S

Composite – 200 S

War Sling – 5 S

Iron Yew

Owner: Dwain Benjamine (Male Human, 50)

The Iron Yew does experiments in bow making, combining steel and wood Dwain makes stronger bows that will not break, but require more strength to use.

Light Crossbow – 35 S

Steel – 335 S

Bladed – 150 S

Repeating – 250 S

Heavy Crossbow – 50 S

Steel – 350 S

Repeating – 400 S

Double Crossbow – 100 S

Great Crossbow – 150 S

Longbow – 75 S

Composite – 100 S

Shortbow – 30 S

Composite – 75 S

Footbow – 150 S

Shops of Alaspar

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