The United Empire of Rashendii

Rashendii was founded over 1,000 years ago by a courageous young woman, Lillian Smythe. She swept through this war torn land uniting all the armies of Abdera helping to end the Fool’s War and find peace in a unified government. Lillian graciously accepted the elected position of King and reigned benevolently until her death some sixty years later (proving once and for all that she was, in fact, human). She spent most of her reign trying to pass an amendment stating that the King was only allowed two four year terms in office, but it was not passed until the day after her death.

Lillian did not spend all her time sitting in office signing papers. Her adventures did not stop with the end of the war. Three years after her election, Lillian was reunited with her sister Alanze. Together they stopped the evil sorcerer from making himself a god and brought back believe in the One True God, Chao. Even to this day, no temples to any other gods are built in the country of Rashendii, and very few are left in other lands. Most have become ruins or tourist attractions. Rashendii2

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