Pteppic Asar

"That's not good enough. I can make it better."


Pteppic is an expert at what he does and what he does, is make armor. At only fifteen he has master the art that took his father twice as long. His twin sister, Kanika, is also quite talented but has a much brighter outlook on life and just wants to make things pretty while Pteppic doesn’t settle for “pretty” he makes his armor perfect.


Though Pteppic’s heritage is Arian he was born and raised in Alaspar. He became friends with another boy from the town, Brion. Together they dreamed of dark and dangerous lives planning and scheming but never really acting. When they were eleven a girl came to town and spurred them to action. Their new friend, Fen; the daughter of an assassin, helped them make their dark dreams come true. Together they began to learn the art of killing.

Pteppic Asar

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