• Fen


    "I am Fen, and you are dead."
  • Brion Fluerlein

    Brion Fluerlein

    Brion is an intense boy with a dark secret.
  • Erica Fox

    Erica Fox

    "What is your fantasy?"
  • Gabriel Coleman

    Gabriel Coleman

    "Have I ever told you about the time I killed the dragon? Yes? Well did I tell you about the anceint wyrm?"
  • Garann Warner

    Garann Warner

    Commander Garann is a tall, well built man and very conflicted character.
  • Jeremiah Sang

    Jeremiah Sang

    "Everyone deserves a fair chance; no matter who, or what, they may be."
  • Jerrald Doyal

    Jerrald Doyal

    Jerrald Doyal is the honorable mayor of the town of Alaspar. He is a large man, but muscle runs thick beneth that layer of fat.
  • Just Plain Tom

    Just Plain Tom

    Tom is old. Very old.
  • Leta Coleman

    Leta Coleman

    "Don't mind the loud fat man. What can *I* get you?"
  • Orias Cook

    Orias Cook

    A boiserous old man who looks just as much dwarven as he does human.
  • Pteppic Asar

    Pteppic Asar

    "That's not good enough. I can make it better."
  • Raven Mimura

    Raven Mimura

    Raven has bright blue eyes that contrast beautifully with her short black hair. Even at middle age, she is still very pretty.
  • Sam Pittman

    Sam Pittman

    Sam is honest, but cruel.