A History Lesson


Another Caravan Falls Victim to Goblin Attack.

Jacov and Skye, an unlikely pair, meet at the Red Oak Inn where young Leta does the work while her father entertains the guests. After a complementary dinner for promising to post an add for Leta, they decide to take on some of the other bulletins posted outside city hall. They took a quest from Melvin Muzan to return the item stolen from him by Marvin Muzan (no relation), two nearly identical neighbors who just don’t get along. They soon abandoned this never ending quest and left the twins to duke it out on their own (again).

Back at the City Hall they decide that rats were something they could contend with and took on Claudia Fluerlein’s quest to clear her basement and save her precious pillows. Though they thought the quest would be short and easy, they soon discovered there were a few . . .thousand . . .more rats than they suspected. Undaunted, they began hacking away at them. But one rat stood above them all. On a stack of crates sat a rat unusual only in the intensity and anger in its stare. Once they took notice of the rat, it began to grow. Bigger and bigger it grew and changed until a young boy perched atop the crates. He urged the unlikely duo to leave without harming any more rats. After a short conversation the duo agreed to take the few rat carcasses they did kill as proof of their victory and leave the boy and his friends. In exchange the boy agreed that the woman would no longer see even the smallest sign of a rat.

Skye decided she was ready for some real action and they joined a caravan heading south. After gaining some great armor from unusual sources, young twins’ first try at full armor, and a request for custom weapons they headed out.

Not a mile outside the city gates they are ambushed by Goblins! This first group was easily defeated, as was the second. The third group managed to kill one of the caravan guards. Three goblin’s escape back to camp and Jacov gives chase bringing news of the danger that lies ahead back to the caravan. Everyone agrees to settle in for the night and Jacov takes first watch. Again they are ambushed by goblins. A sheep seller dies in the fight and as in all caravans, his belongings are divided up equally amongst the living, except the gold which goes to the caravan leader. Just when they think the fight is over, two of the biggest, ugliest goblins they’ve ever seen make an appearance. Two of the guards turn yellow and turn tail back to town. The remaining four easily dispose of the two goblins and rest goes undisturbed for the remainder of the night. The next morning several people, merchants and guards alike, discover that they are missing a few belongings. After worrying, arguing and accusations; it is decided that the culprits must be the two chickens that took flight the night before. Seeing as it is too dangerous to carry on, and that certain valuable and necessary inventory is gone, the caravan heads back into town. The caravan leader, the stone mason who is missing a statue meant for a noble’s birthday the next morning, is met by the Commander of the city guard who reminds him that he told the stonemason NOT to leave the city gates. After a brief but heated argument the Commander walks away but is immediately met by a distressed woman. He calms her and sends her home while he heads quickly over to city hall and posts a bulletin. Skye heads off to see what the new posting is while Jacov goes to check on his custom order.



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